Our Advantage

Why Democracy Legacy Is So Effective


We tackle issues in a much more meaningful way than just using single-message blanket ads.

Shelf Life

Unlike most election materials, media content we create has a value to our mission and to outreach beyond one campaign cycle. This not only ensures that we are frugal with resources, but also that we maintain a continuity when we communicate with people.

Noise Penetration

By leveraging tools in a holistic manner, we capture and hold the attention of our audience in a saturated space that resists traditional methods.


We pull back the curtain on politics and show people how things work. This advances the conversation and builds a base of more inclusive participation.


We highlight supporters as part of the story we choose to tell. This showcases issues in a way that is meaningful and illustrates just how many values we have in common.


We leverage our methodology as part of the story to shift the existing narrative. In other words, we don’t just wait for the subject to change…we’re the ones who know how to change it.

We are proud of the work we do, but we need your help to keep it going!

Every dollar you donate to Democracy Legacy helps us achieve our mission in an exponential way. Please CLICK HERE to give what you can to ensure that we reach as many people and impact as many races as possible.

Democracy Legacy is already working alongside other Americans to transform politics and civic engagement, but we need you! Contact our team to find out how you can get involved.