Our Approach

We measure initial online name recognition of someone & then amplify their connection to policies and values to increase that recognition. It is critical to proactively define a brand because fewer than 15% of people will change their minds after an opinion is formed.

Brand Recognition

When people think about a particular issue, what comes to mind? We create relatable narratives that associate core values to solutions, groups and candidates so people feel a deeper connection that is less likely to be impacted by opposing efforts.

Values Association

We use targeted messages to connect with each individual person in an ongoing way. This cements the belief that a particular candidate or spokesperson can be trusted to improve the lives of citizens & their community, increasing dedication & passion.

Consensus Building

We utilize high-tech solutions to counter social media bots, trolls & other attacks in real time. By monitoring and disrupting these attacks we break the cycle of online misinformation and cyber abuse which, left unchecked, can isolate citizens and reduce participation.


Democracy Legacy is connecting to communities to find out who wants to get involved and who is already doing amazing work. We are building a coalition of volunteers, donors, activists & non-profit organizations to aid in amplifying the message to engage more citizens & improve results.

Citizen Engagement

Democracy Legacy is already working alongside other Americans to transform politics and civic engagement, but we need you! Contact our team to find out how you can get involved.